Open Seminars for Non-Members


➢    A focused and lively approach to historical swordplay

➢    Designed for anyone with an interest in knowing more about Renaissance fencing

➢    A half-day course on swords and swordsmanship of the 15th and 16th centuries

➢    Featuring a safe proven method and fun-filled study approach

➢    Aimed at those interested in exploring the craft in a casual and stress-free manner

➢    Ideal for anyone with an interest in renn fairs, RPGs, stage combat, theatrical fencing, Medieval battling, and youth groups or families seeking an alternative activity

➢    A perfect opportunity for Asian martial artists and MMA stylists to explore authentic teachings of historical Western martial arts methods from an expert

➢    This workshop offers a sound but straightforward approach that embraces the historical methods in an easy and clear manner that is fun, exciting, and instantly accessible

➢    Renaissance Fencing Enthusiasts Workshops offer a way to enter into the subject without the challenge of undertaking martial arts study or certification in the ARMA’s full National Training Program

➢    Discover the hidden history of European swords that pop-culture so often misrepresents and distorts

➢    Explore our Western martial heritage in a manner that challenges many common myths and misconceptions surrounding swords and swordplay

➢    Learn about authentic sword-fighting in an exciting and inspiring manner that places having fun foremost

A safe fun way to exercise while learning about history, heritage, and self-defense tailored to the needs and interests of each host group or collection of students, regardless of experience level.  Open to novices and experienced students alike this class is suited to enthusiasts of any age or fitness level.  

The Enthusiast Workshop is intentionally designed to be suited to anyone looking for a way to expand their interest in historical fencing or add to their practice of Medieval and Renaissance combat.
We feature special offerings for church groups, scout troops, company fun days excursions, class field trips, LARP teams, and summer time programs. An ideal activity for game developers, home-schoolers, corporate outings, special gatherings, and renaissance fair fans. 

Enjoy a unique course by a world-class martial arts instructor and the top pioneering authority on historical fencing with over 30-years experience. Taught by proven expert and world-renown authority, John Clements, this is an authentic but lighter approach without the emphasis on academic scholarship or intense athletic training.  Each workshop can ranged from 3-6 hours and features material on either the Longsword, Cut-and-Thrust Side-Sword, or Rapier.

Only $175 per adult and $125 for youths under 18*

*does not include possible travel fees
*equipment is not provided

Group Rates available for organizations and clubs of 5 persons or more.
We'll be happy to help you set up a group event!

For more information, to schedule an event in your region
or to arrange one in the Atlanta area, contact us now

Special Events Ideal for Private Occasions:

Corporate Activity Fun Days - Get your office together for a unique hands-on exercise workshop where the initiative and cunning of the individual warrior spirit is matched with cooperative group tactics for a chance to bash and clash together while learning real skills. Bash and clash with the boss and co-workers while exploring the martial discipline of historical fencing studies.

Home-Schoolers - A unique phys-ed opportunity that allows kids to exercise while learning about history and their heritage as they acquire genuine self-defense skills within a Western Civilization centered curricula. Our Youth Program is an ideal fencing activity for home-schooled kids (and parent-teachers) ages 12 and up.

Stage Combat & Theatrical Fencing - Augment your existing program with awareness of more martial and historically accurate elements.

Live-Action Fantasy Role-Playing - further the depth of your combat system and extend your skills furthering through study of the real thing

Youth Camps - This special program explores our Western martial heritage with an emphasis on the spiritual and ethical teachings within the masculine Christian tradition of chivalric values. Focused on core instruction in the Medieval longsword for young teens this course can be presented as a single one-day event or spread over several days. Email us for details.

We are also available with presentations and hands-on lectures for middle & high schools history or humanities classes, youth groups, churches, homeschoolers, teen clubs, college lectures, ROTC courses, and private tutoring for individuals.

Material Covered includes: Historical Background & Context, sword forms and anatomy, Posture & Gripping, Basic Stances & Guards, Footwork & Stepping, Basic Strikes & Blows, Key Fighting Techniques, Fundamental Training Exercises and Practice Drills, common sword myths and misconceptions, essential Masters of Defence source literature, and overview of major Italian and German teachings of the 14th - 16th centuries.  Plus much more.

Renaissance Fencing Enthusiast Workshops
Presented by John Clements and Select Senior Students