ARMA Training & Practice Video Clips
These brief film clips are intended to give viewers an idea of the actual movements
associated with realistic Medieval & Renaissance fencing
and a sample of the free-play/weapon sparring systems used in ARMA .
[Additional Training Videos are available to Members in the Armaria.]
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A New Conception for Learning and Teaching Core Stances and Motions
(Summer 2020)

Mini Bridge Battle
(July 2018)

A Lesson on the Key
(January 2017)

Sword and Buckler - Fundamental #5
(May 2016)

Working with the Cross
(October 2015)

Bridge Battle Session
(October 2015)

John Farthing's ARMA Prize Playing Highlights (2013)
(April 2015)

With the Flat
(September 2014)

Practicing with the Longsword
(October 2013)

Free-Play at IG13 - Joey Marmorato vs. Ryan Woo
(August 2013)

Another Lesson on Gripping the Longsword
(February 2013)

On the Beauty of Abrazzare
(February 2013)

Fuhlen and Indes for Trapping Actions
(February 2013)

Hitting Yourself
(February 2013)

On the Krumphau
(September 2012)

On the 15th Century Milieu
(August 2012)

Practicing Longsword Closures and Disarms
(July 2012)

Longsword Lesson 1 (166 MB)
(July 2012)

John Clements on The Real Longsword
(July 2012)

No Going "Soft and Slow"
  (April 2012)
                  Prize Playing Fights 2011
Joey Marmorato's ARMA Prize Playing highlights (2011)
Playing a record of 93 total bouts with 72 wins in a mere
41 minutes with 21 total losses.
True Transitioning
                from Zornhut to Schlessel with Longsword
Zornhut to Key (August 2011)

Little Known
                Pommel-Gripping Florsyh with Longsword
Pommeling the 16 Cuts (August 2011)
Demonstration of gripping the pommel while floryshing.

An exercise Florysh showing the variety of warding and striking actions possible with a European longsword when capably handled using the historical method.

Jeff Hansen's ARMA Prize Playing highlights (2009)
Over 80 Bouts in Less than an hour.
(Note: poor video quality on this file)

A Lesson on Side-Sword vs. Longsword at IDS (2011)

Practicing cuts with intensity (Aug 2010)

A Lesson on the Longsword
by Instructor John Clements (Oct 2009)

Basic exercising on the pell with the longsword (May 2009)

Some longsword technique practice at IDS
(Jan 2009)

Practice of unarmed disarming counters
against vertical cuts from a longsword (Jan 2008)

Free-Play with Federschwerter at Iron Door Studio. (Fall 2007)
Senior Free-Scholar Aaron P. and Senior Free-Scholar Casper B. work out with energy, audacity, athleticism, and control to demonstrate through open bouting their skill and knowledge in unarmored longsword. 15mb .mp4 file - 2.6 minutes

ARMA Director John C. with Senior Free-Scholar Aaron P. display
a sample series of some very basic longsword techniques. Spring 2007.
4mb .mp4 file

Senior Free-Scholar Prize Playing at the International Gathering, Aug. 18, 2007
YouTube video compilation of sparring highlights from Aaron Pynenberg's Prize Playing demonstrate his skill with the longsword against a variety of opponents of different skill levels and using different weapons. In 74 minutes Aaron fought 90 bouts with 73 wins and only 17 losses.

Senior Free-Scholar Prize Playing for Sword & Buckler at the
International Gathering, Aug. 18, 2007

Video compilation of sparring highlights from Stewart Feil's Prize Playing demonstrate his skill with sword and buckler against a variety of opponents of different skill levels and using different weapons. In only 40 minutes Stewart fought 90 bouts with 70 wins and 20 losses while facing some 50 opponents, becoming ARMA's first Senior Free-Scholar in two weapons.

Armored Free-Play at Iron Door Studio

Free-Play in gambesons with Federschwerter at Iron Door Studio.
(Fall 2007)
Using foiled practice-weapons Senior Free-Scholar Aaron P. and Freifechter John C. demonstrate control, intent, caution, and audacity in open bouting. Look closely for actual blade on target contact of cuts and thrusts. 17mb MP4 file

With energy, precision, and control, John C. & Aaron P. demo
displacing diagonal cuts using diagonal
counter-cuts edge to flat. (Fall 2006)
3.6mb MP4 file

Free-play with nylon wasters.
Sword & Dagger versus Sword Buckler.
Jake N. and Aaron P. at Iron Door Studio, Fall '06.
Clip 1 - 12.3mb MP4 file
Clip 2 - 11.3mb MP4 file

Free-play with spadone longswords. Fall, '06. Clip N1 - 9mb MP4 file

Training with short knives samples. Fall, '06
Clip K1
- 10mb MP4 file
Clip K2 - 2mb MP4 file

Stew Feil shows off our new "teaching sword" by demonstrating a Liechtenauer-inspired florish of mastercuts strking from low. Summer '04. 4mb MP4 file

John C. executes a spadone florysh. Summer '06
8mb MP4 file


Summer 2004. Great-sword Speigelfechten ("mirror fencing" or floryshing). 1.3mb.mp4 file


Summer 2004. Instructing novice students in longsword. 4mb .MP4 file


Summer '03. Clips of Gary G. & Shane S. assisting John C. in an ad hoc demonstration of some long-sword counter-strikes & half-swording techniques from the source manuals
(MP4) 6mb

John C & Stacy C. engage in some early morning light free-play with blunt steel blades

More between John C. & Stacy C.
Added July '02 (from Nov. '01)
cdflor1.jpg (63595 bytes)
A basic ARMA
longsword florysh at half-speed. 3mb .mp4
Copyright JP Productions 2002
floryshdemo.jpg (15766
John C. demonstrates an
intermediate greatsword
florysh. 1.5 mb .mp4
Copyright JP Productions 2002
dagger1.jpg (18143 bytes)
Teaching some
dagger defenses.
547k .mp4
Copyright JP Productions 2002
                    (14348 bytes)
John C. performs two
displacements: one receiving the
blow on the flat in Hengen and one
striking on the other's flat with
the short edge.  1.3mb .mp4
Copyright JP Productions 2002
practcountrs2.jpg (15874 bytes)
John C. instructs in counters,
displaying the impeccable
sense of  timing, range, and
precision for which he has
become known. 2.3mb .mp4
Copyright JP Productions 2002
counterslingbehind.jpg (15861 bytes)
A hilt-displacement
and sling cut.
418k .mp4
Copyright JP Productions 2002
cutexer5.jpg (87312 bytes)
John C. performing a simple
cutting exercise. 2003. 5mb .mp4
TSF1.jpg (48940 bytes)
Major Tim Sheetz performs a
basic longsword florysh with intent. 2002
648k .mp4
SandBflor1.JPG (2167 bytes)
Sword & Buckler Florysh I
Jan '02. 2mb
elyduel.jpg (70433 bytes)
Ely rapier "duel", July 1999
Matt H. & John C. 6mb .mp4


Long-Sword Fundamentals - (Ely Cathedral, UK '99)

longsword01.jpg (6971 bytes)
Der Weckemeister

longsword02.jpg (7060 bytes)
Absetzen & Schnitt

longsword04.jpg (7156
counters practice2

longsword05.jpg (6926
counters practice3


Backyard Workout
7longsword_m-c-grapple.jpg (7645 bytes)
Slow Counter drills2

john_chris01.jpg (7515
Close & Throat Slice

john_chris03.jpg (7434
Perfect Nachreissen from
Posta Coda Longa



Short Sword & Rapier

1bb-padded01.jpg (7067 bytes)
Going at it with padded weapons

1bb-padded02.jpg (7237 bytes)
Craig G. & John C.

cut-thrust01-JP.jpg (4967 bytes)
Steel on Steel
Some simple sword blunt play

jeff_chris.jpg (5271 bytes)
Steel Play
Rapier & Dagger vs. Sword & Dagger

Rapier Fencing - (Ely Cathedral, UK '99)

RapierGoodHit1.jpg (6718 bytes)
RapierPlay GoodHit01  

RapierPlay09.jpg (6688
  RapierPlay GoodHit03
RapierPlay10.jpg (6611
RapierPlay GoodHit04  
CoupdGroin.jpg (7192 bytes)
Rapier: Coup d'Groin

castle06.jpg (7102 bytes)
  RapierPlay Close&Hit1  

castle01.jpg (7093 bytes)
castle04.jpg (6828 bytes)
castle05.jpg (7000 bytes)


Foiled-Rapier Fencing c.1999
Craig G. & John C. do very cool fighting
practice with special extra-stiff steel blades

2bbRapier01.jpg (5266
2bbRapier02.jpg (5173


Some older clips of ARMA Director John C. ('97 - '98)

redo2b.jpg (5110 bytes)
Rapier Exercise

routine1.jpg (4139 bytes)
Sharp Cut-and-Thrust Exercise

routine2.jpg (2949 bytes)
Sharp Cut-and-Thrust Exercise

Redo1.2.jpg (4972 bytes)
Cut-and-Thrust Demo

Redo1.1.jpg (4208 bytes)
Cut-and-Thrust Demo


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