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youthimage.JPG (6450 bytes) ARMA-Youth is place for young sword enthusiasts to learn about history, physical fitness, and the ethics of personal responsibility and service derived from the best Chivalric values of Western Civilization.  ARMA-Youth offers a healthy approach to learning about Medieval and Renaissance martial culture and our European martial heritage for teens and kids ages.

Special Presentations for Schools and Private Groups:

We are available for presentations and hands-on lectures for middle & high schools history or humanities classes, youth groups, churches, and teen clubs.

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“ARMA-Youth is what I wish I had when I started out doing this at 14!”

– John Clements
ARMA author & instructor

Questions and Answers About Swords & Swordsmanship

Why are there so many different kinds of swords?

What About the Rapier?

How Much Do Swords Weigh?

What’s the best sword, and why are there so many? What sword is right for me? Where do I get a good sword?

How can I find trustworthy information or reviews on historical reproduction swords?

How do I practice, where can I learn?

What are Some Cool Sword Books to read?

What about Katanas?

What about Shields?

What about Polearms?

What about Armor?

What about Movie & TV swordfights?

How can kids begin to learn how to become swordsmen?

What are some great Links?

More Coming Soon

Got Questions?
Kids, send your questions about swords or historical fencing to us. We'll do our best to answer any well-written and polite questions about Medieval and Renaissance close combat or provide you with resources to learn more.

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The ARMA’s goal is to instill an appreciation for historical European fencing arts by presenting it in a positive and historical manner and not as fantasy or role-playing. ARMA-Youth is a resource site for information on Medieval & Renaissance martial arts for kids and young teens.

knighting.JPG (81217 bytes) Parents / Teachers - Take advantage of ARMA-Youth’s resources for teaching about history, culture, exercise, and knightly virtues. Young people need to be informed as to the true accomplishments of Medieval and Renaissance cultures.  A major role of ARMA is education – especially youth education, and we aim to teach children and teens about their Western martial heritage and the merits of Western civilization.

KnightAtEase.gif (18062 bytes) ARMA-Youth’s Code of Chivalry :  

wpe3.gif (880 bytes) Commitment to develop and train – To seek excellence

wpe3.gif (880 bytes) Discipline – “Self-restraint” or control of mind, body, and speech.

wpe3.gif (880 bytes) Nobility in service – to serve others before oneself.

wpe3.gif (880 bytes) Respect for all worthy people – to appreciate others and see the good in all.

wpe3.gif (880 bytes) Honor all those above your station – to practice respect for elders and those in authority.

wpe3.gif (880 bytes) Protect the innocent – stand for the rights and liberties of your fellow.

wpe3.gif (880 bytes) Courtesy to all ladies and gentlemen – formal politeness.

wpe3.gif (880 bytes) Celebration of the Arts – arts are the food of the Chivalrous.

"A knight should be bold, fair, courteous and well-mannered, generous and loyal, not foolish or rash, and should speak fairly without discourtesy. A knight should be all this, and also proud and fierce to his enemies, and kind to his friends."

- Durmart le Galois , 13th century

Serious study of historical fencing means
accepting a Code of Conduct.

Our Credo of Renaissance Martial Arts Studies:
Respect for History and Heritage

  • Sincerity of Effort
  • Integrity of Scholarship
  • Appreciation of Martial Spirit
  • Cultivation of Self-Discipline

“Young knights, learn to love God and Honor women.   Be chivalrous and learn the art that your honor will increase in war.   Wrestle well, skillfully wield spear, sword, and dagger in a manful way.”

- Master Sigmund Ringeck, fencing master to the Duke of Bavaria, c.1430


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