Schola St. George Medieval Swordsmanship Symposium 2001

The Schola St. George hosted a special Medieval swordsmanship sympoisum and Pas D'armes this past May 11th - 13th, in Livermore , Ca.  This turned out to be the largest historical fencing event of its kind so far. Over 130 attendees from a wide variety of groups and organizations participated in three days of demonstrations, lectures, classes, and instruction in fighting methods of the 13th to 17th centuries as well as free-play and tournament sparring.   A wide range of Medieval and Renaisance styles and methods were presented over the course of three days as well as a fine feast and a pageant filled tourney. The St. George gathering reflected the best of the new form of historical European martial arts event.


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ARMA Director John C. gives an inspiring keynote address.
(Photo courtesy of SwordForum)
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John introduces some basic guards & stances for long-sword.

(Photo courtesy of SwordForum)
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A presentation on the brutal techniques of half-swording.
(Photo courtesy of SwordForum)
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The effective half-sword disarms & takedowns

(...demonstrated with deceptively little effort or force).
(Photo courtesy of SwordForum)
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Attendees prepare for the armored Pas D'Armes.

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Rapier class in action.

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Ian Johnson shows off a rubber practice poleaxe

Untitled-25.JPG (99393 bytes)
Ad hoc practice with wasters.


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One of many vendors present, Christian Fletcher
shows off his sparring helm.
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