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Armored Free Play Practice at Iron Door Studio

Training in armored longsword, Fall 2007. Senior Free-Scholar Casper B. (in Milanese harness, left) vs. Senior Free-Scholar Aaron P. (in Gothic harness, right).

Aaron whips a spring attack toward Casper's exposed hand and misses. Casper responds with a mortschlag blow which Aaron sets aside with a half-sword deflection, failing to catch its cross on his blade. catching it on his forearm. He follows on with a pommel thrust to the face which Casper deftly parries with a second mortschlag counter blow. Aaron dodges this with a back-step while warding off the blow with his forearm then catching the blade in his hand. Casper instantly closes in to grapple but is prevented by Aaron's knee defense. Casper discards his weapon and uses both hands to attempt a second grapple, but fails to achieve a position of leverage. Aaron uses several knee blows to the groin to keep Casper off balance before managing a sweep and throw. Casper hits the ground and rolls out of the fall as Aaron recovers. Casper loses his sabaton and helm in the roll but turns in time to parry Aaron's own mortschlag by catching it on his left forearm. Seizing hold of Aaron's blade, Casper tries to wrench it free but must block Aaron's arm to his face. He uses a half-sword block against Aaron's repeated knees to his groin. As Aaron then attempts to achieve a hold and throw or trip him, Casper puts his elbow against Aaron's neck for leverage as he works the sword point down and into Aaron's unprotected groin, successfully ending the encounter. [34mb file]



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