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ARMA Sweden
Longsword Seminar

Stockholm, September 2002

stock02.jpg (59168 bytes) Members of ARMA from several cities in Sweden converged with friends and guests in Stockholm for a seminar over the two days of September 28 & 29. The more than 30 attendees from 6 countries engaged in drills, exercises, practice routines, and free play with wasters and steel weapons.

The material covered an introduction to the ARMA system for longsword by Director John Clements and key fundamentals from various 15th & 16th century masters. In one session, Per Ake Carlsson, Director of the Stockholm Study Group, gave some exceptional instruction in unarmed defense against dagger as well as dagger vs. dagger. A special treat was a presentation on swords, historical and modern replica, by Sweden's resident expert swordsmith Peter Johnson, currently on staff of Albion Arms.

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John C. instructs in the importance of the 3 ranges of the German masters.

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John C. begins with the importance of the "3 times" of attacking from the German school
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John C. covering the engagement positions of the different blade divisions.
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Per Ake demonstrates some of his formidable unarmed defenses against a roundel dagger. His polish and smooth precision was admirable and made learning the techniques easy.


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Students work up a sweat doing technique drills.


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John C. and Hans reveal some of the secrets of half-swording from Mair's manaul.

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Per Ake perfroms unarmed moves from Fiore Dei Liberi's
1410 manual on fellow student Hans Jornind.


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Half-swording counters.

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Per Ake puts the move on fellow member Hans.

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Per Ake teaches dagger defense against student Atilla Peközer.


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Per Ake completes a technique.


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Per Ake and fellow student  Neil nockert practice.


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Per Ake and Hans engage in light
free play sparring with wasters.

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Showing the effectiveness
of closing with thrusts



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Peter Johnson shows off one of his fine swords
while describing attribiutes of good blades.


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John examines one of Peter's fine weapons.

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Peter and John discuss sword qualities.

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Peter displays his drawings plans for various reproduction
blades of select historical pieces.


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Peter Johnson and one of his exceptional pieces.

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John C. discusses swords with Björn Hellqvist and Per Ake at
the Museum of Medieval History in Stockholm.

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