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Images from Fechtmeister Joachim Meyer's
Kunst des Fechten  - c. 1570

Joachim Meyer's Fechtschule represents one of the major inspirations for Renaissance martial arts practice and for the our own Study Approach. Meyer was a professional master-at-arms of the Strasburg Marxbrueder fighting guild whose important work, Kunst der fechtens ("Art of Fighting") was produced in 1570.  His stunning work (illustrated by Tobias Stimmer), "A Thorough Description of the Free Knightly and Noble Art of Fencing", focused on the entire arsenal of weapons: langenschwert, shorte-sword & dagger, Dusack, long & short staffs, pole-arms, dagger, Pflegel (flail), and wrestling. While the architecture and backgrounds of the woodcuts are fictional,  the figures are literal. Meyer also included a section on the new rapier & dagger largely compiled from Italian works such as Viggiani and Di Grassi. Meyer's work influenced and inspired many later instructors. The Master Jacob Sutor’s work of 1639 is almost a complete copy of Meyer's work. Just a few of the 73 plates from Meyer are presented here.   More to come soon. Appreciation to David Reese for the plates.

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New Images
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The Joachim Meyer Fechtbuch of 1600 Translation Project



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