The ARMA's Academic Consultants

In our continuing effort aimed at aiding the credibility and legitimacy of this subject, the ARMA’s presents it official panel of select consultants. This distinguished list of credentialed academics, historians, and distinguished professional experts in European arms and armor provides us with an unprecedented and unrivaled resource on which to rely on in our studies. Questions for our experts may be directed here to our website. 

Dr. Sydney Anglo – ARMA's Senior Advisor. A Fellow of the British Academy, leading historian of historical fencing and author of The Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe. Anglo1.JPG (12750 bytes)

Dr. Lee Jones –  Sword Collector, physician, researcher, operator of the  Ethnographic Sword Resource site and co-author of The Sword in the Viking Age.

defaul4.jpg (1393 bytes)
Dr. David Nicolle - a noted authority on medieval arms and armor and warriors and author of several important titles on Medieval warfare. DN1.JPG (24623 bytes)

Dr. Noel Fallows - authority on the military history and literature of Medieval & Renaissance Spain.

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David Edge – Reenactor, author, arms curator and conservator, Wallace Collection Museum, London. de.jpg (5454 bytes) Peter Fuller Master Armorer and Medieval combat reenactor. Peter.jpg (4281 bytes)
Prof. Tom Green – Anthropologist & martial artist. Editor of the World Martial Arts Encyclopedia. Tom.jpg (10979 bytes) Prof. Don Kagay – Medieval Military Historian, editor of several books on historical warfare. dk1.JPG (6177 bytes)
Kevin Cashen Professional Swordmaker, Mastersmith & Researcher  

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