ARMA Director
John Clements

The world's foremost practitioner
of authentic Chivalric Arts of Defense

         “After more than 36 years of study in this subject, I now have a focused interest at aiding the young student of they next generation of practitioners achieve knowledge and prowess while avoiding the problems I had to deal with in my own learning.”

Private Training Program Workshops and full Seminars available: Contact us with requests and information on fee and travel schedule. Presentation and lecture requests are welcome.  Private lessons also available. Special arrangements possible for video, motion-capture, and CGI modeling.

PBS Nova Secrets of the Viking Sowrd John Clements expert

"Consulting Sword-master"

Advisory and Educational Services:
John Clements provides a range of consulting services and special information on the culture and history of Medieval and Renaissance close-combat skills, arms and armor, swordplay, and historical fencing. Previous project involvement includes working with: National Geographic, Sony Pictures, The History Channel, Fox Television, Six Flags Houston, and major computer and board game producers. He has done professional consulting for game developers Blizzard, NCsoft, Xaviant, and Go-Time.To improve the historical accuracy and martial validity of your endeavor, send an e-mail inquiry. All fees are by negotiation.

Offering Professional Fight Arrangement and Fencing Stunt-work for Film, Television, and Motion-Capture:  John Clements brings an unrivaled mastery of actual historical combat techniques for creating never-before seen action featuring a unique spontaneous arrange fight execution system of martially sound, historically accurate, visually dynamic, and physically intense material. Featuring an authoritative and pioneering program with a dynamic and highly original alternative outside the box of current standards, he offers a new alternative to the dry, over-used cliches of entertainment industry fight certification.

Ask about the Renaissance Martial Arts Lecture Series, Homeschooling Program, & Corporate Outings.

"What we demonstrate in a presentation is a reconstructed exhibition of authentic European martial arts skills delivered not for amusing performance or stunt display, but education, cultural heritage, and self improvement." - John Clements

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Instructing in an unmatched historical curriculum

Arranging dynamic fight action sequences

Teaching in Italy, 2012

Performing at the World Martial Arts Festival, Korea, 2012

With a !4th Century Warsword, Scotland 2012

Examining an Authentic Two-Handed Sword, Scotland 2012

With a 1000-year-old Viking Ingelri sword

Presenting on Mare at the Kelvingrove Museum, 2012

Reenactment in Narni, Italy 2012

At the World Martial Arts Festival 2012

University of Bridgeport martial arts studies degree program
  Lecturing at the University of Bridgeport 2012


Filming with PBS Nova 2011

Teaching in Russia 2011

On National Geographic Channel 2011

At the Medieval Center, Denmark

Italian Rapier study
Researching Rapiers in Italy

At the International Martial Arts Symposium, 2011

At the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russa, 2011

With Hans Talhoffer's origin
al 1459 fight book in Denmark

At the World Martial Arts Union, South Korea  2010

Examining historical specimens, Spain 2009

Presenting on historical fighting methods, Portugal 2009

Teaching in Europe, 2009

A leader in historical fencing studies, reconstructing authentic methods and historical techniques

Private & class instruction

Lecture & Seminar Presentations

Youth Talks & Demos

Consulting for the
Sword Manufacturing Industry

Museum Presentations on Arms & Armor use (Kienbusch Collection, Philadelphia 2007

Evaluating & Testing Historical Fencing Products

Teaching longsword fencing
in Athens, Greece 2004

Renaissance swordplay seminar
on longsword in Haifa, Israel 2005

Longsword technique presentation
in Gaunajauto, Mexico, 2006.

Seminar in Mexico City, 2007

ARMA Seminar
in Athens, Greece 2007

authentic pieces
at the Oakeshot Institute, 2007

Examining antique blades

Practicing in armor at
the Royal Armouries, Leeds UK

Rapier practice in Europe

Classroom Training

Examining an antique rapier in Switzerland

Training with antique blades

Consultation with noted authority
Dr. S. Anglo

Meeting with famed sword expert the late
Ewart Oakeshott

Consulting with the late sword expert Hank Reinhardt
& swordmaker Paul Chen
wpe1.jpg (30498 bytes)
Test-cutting with sharp swords at the 2000 Renaissance Martial Arts Expo Atlanta
wpe2.jpg (28841 bytes)
Workshop Demonstration in Canada

Examining an original 1536 fencing
text by Achille Marozzo

Lecturing & instructing in Germany
Untitled-28.JPG (65040 bytes)
Examining a great-sword of c. 1400 at the Royal Armouries, UK 2001

Trying out an antique
two-handed sword from c. 1550
                                    (22279 bytes)
Presentation at the Sarasota Medieval & Renaissance Studies Conference 2002

Lecturing at Texas A&M University 2003
vikex.JPG (62007 bytes)
Examining a 1000-year-old viking sword

Examining an original edition of Fiore dei Liberi's Flos Duellatorum c.1410

Demonstrating cuts and thrusts on raw meat with an actual antique
16th century swept-hilt rapier

Lecturing at New York University 2003

Researching an original 1553 edition
of Agrippa's famed fencing text

Handling authentic 16th century swords
in the Swedish Royal Arnory

Consulting with noted master swordsmith and researcher Peter Johnsson

Hefting a fine 16th century antique
ring-hilted rapier of the Swedish Royal Armory

Exploring the original 1410 Pierpont-Morgan
edition of the "Flos Duellatorum"
fighting manual by Fiore dei Liberi

Researching swords in
Budapest, Hungary 2004

Program at West Point 2003

Presentation Demo at Ashokan Sword 2000

Training with an authentic 16th century bastard-sword -  2008

“Every Art has this property of being clear to those trained in it,
so that thence comes this maxim,
‘Believe the man who is skilled in his art.”

- Anonymous Parisian theologian, 1398

John Clements is a leading authority on historical fencing and the world’s foremost instructor of Medieval and Renaissance fighting methods. As a long-time Western martial artist who has been studying historical fencing since 1980, John is the most prolific writer on the subject of historical fencing. He has practiced European cut-and-thrust swordplay and for more than thirty years, taught on it in 16 countries, and researched arms and armor on four continents.  He instructs both nationwide as well as internationally and (since 2005) from his one-of-a-kind private facility, Iron Door Studio, based outside Atlanta, Georgia.