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Home Page – Main menu with links, publications and event notices.

About ARMA – Premise & Affirmations of the ARMA Approach to exploring our Western martial heritage, plus the ARMA Study Method for Historical Swordsmanship, and ARMA FAQ.

The ARMA Method - Descriptions of our system for study & practice of Medieval and Renaissance fencing.

Membership - Application to join, information on benefits, Students & Ratings within ARMA, Weapon Proficiency Certification Curriculum.

Practice & Training – Information on our Study Approach and Training Methodology. How to make ARMA padded contact-sparring weapons, Guidelines for rapier fencing, Guidelines for Contact-Sparring with padded weapons, tips on Medieval and Renaissance martial arts training.

Articles& Essays – Compositions on the reconstruction and replication of historical fencing and European fighting arts, research pieces, editorials, and commentaries.

Spotlight – Events and unique activities of special interest. Interviews and profiles of special interest to students and enthusiasts. Be sure to see the Top Myths of RMA.

Photos & Videos – Large collections of ARMA practice and training activities.

Seminars & Worshops - Information on the ARMA National Training Program and other ARMA clases and teaching events.

ARMA Practice Partners & Study Groups – A listing of our local chapters.

Insights from Historical Art - Presenting a major section featuring interesting examples on weapons and fighting from historical paintings, drawings, woodcuts, embroideries, and illuminations.

Reading & Research List – Online Manuals of European Masters; Lists of Historical Manuscripts; New Book Reviews; Bibliography of General Reference Books on Historical European martial arts, Medieval Arms & Armor or Medieval Warfare, Renaissance Fence or Swords & Arms, Videos, and more.

Historical Terms & Definitions – An extensive and useful list desribing Historical Fencing activities, Medieval Long-sword Terminology, Renaissance Fencing Terminology, Medieval & Renaissance Sword Forms and Companion Implements, Sword Parts, and a Replica Sword Glossary.

Forum - Moderated open forums for General topics, Unarmed study, and Research.

Ranking - A description of official student Ranks & Skills Certifications within ARMA's curriculum.

The Modern Study of Renaissance Martial Arts - A description of our modern effort and approach to reconstructing and reviving the craft.

Doing Things the ARMA Way - An explanation of our unique attitude and community.

"But what if I'm not a martial artist?" - An essay describing how non-practicing members who do not actively train still participate valuably as researchers and academics.

Introduction to Historical European Martial Arts - A concise description of our subject.

A Brief Survey of Renaissance Martial Arts Literature - A look at the historcial source texts we rely on.

Links – Endorsed as well as general links of martial interest.

What's New - Listing of latest additions.

Members Area - Our extensive private section with special study and training materials.

How to Begin? - A page suggesting what to begin reading and studying if you are entirely new to the subject and want to start.

FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions about ARMA.

Renaissance Martial Arts the Web Documentary - Our original 10-part cutting-edge first of its kind production. A must see for anyone interested in the history of fencing and European close-combat skills.

Where to Start - An overview of what to read first if you are new to our site or this subject.


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