Medieval Swordsmanship 1st Edition Errata

p. ix. - first paragraph, "Matt Gallas" should be "Matt Galas", and "Steve Hicks" should be "Steve Hick".

p. xi – first paragraph, "too be worn" should be "to be worn".

p. 2 – "St. Marcus" should be "St. Mark".

p. 13 – last paragraph, "Fillip Vadi" should be "Filippo Vadi".

p. 13. - top right, German master "Sigmund Ringeck" should be "Sigmund Ringeck." (same in the bibliography listing for his Fechtbuch of the 1440's interpreting Liechtenauer’s verses).

p. 25 – 2nd caption on right, "sword and buckler" is redundant to one at top of page and can be deleted. Caption at bottom, "Combat against multiple opponents" should be below the middle illustration not at the bottom of the page.

p. 30 – second to last paragraph, in last sentence extraneous "varieties of"should be deleted.

p. 34 – fourth paragraph, "simply arise" should read "simply not arise".

p. 59 – last paragraph, 4th to last sentence, "has" should be "had".

p. 137 – 1st caption should read a "diagonal" cut" rather than "vertical cut".

p. 149 – end of 1st paragraph the two sentences starting with "Since many" and ending with "too damaged" should be deleted.

p. 172 – 1st caption, after "all targets" at the end of the last sentence should have "high and low" added. 3rd caption, "made the means of" should be "made by".

p. 190 – first sentence, "middle" should be "high".

p. 194 – first sentence, "Hangen" should be"Hengen".

p. 201 - bottom paragraph exchange places of "Unterhau" and "Oberhau".

p. 203, 5th paragraph, great swords of the "1200's" should be of the "1400's".

p. 205 – 1st paragraph, 10th sentence, "arms (elbows)" should be "elbows (half-arm)". 2nd paragraph, 5th sentence, "dealing more with" should be "and related more to"

p. 207 –1st paragraph, first sentence, "wild boars teeth" change "half iron door".

p. 208 – 1st paragraph, first sentence, before "inadvertently", delete "by".

p. 209 – 5th caption, delete entire first sentence, replace with: "The hanging guard can pull up and back to cut from the high position.".

p. 223 – bottom paragraph, replace first sentence with: "One of the Medieval German fighting guilds was the "Luxbrueder" or "Brotherhood of St. Luke".

p. 232 – Last caption, 2nd sentence, "block" should be "blocking".

p. 235 – 3rd caption, add the following to the start: "There are many techniques for twisting a foe’s weapon by slipping an arm in between theirs."

p. 268 – bottom of 2nd paragraph, last sentence, remove extra "it".

p. 273 – 2nd paragraph, first sentence, remove "it" from "swordplay it is".

p. 310 – 1st paragraph, last sentence, "martial formidable arts" should read "formidable martial arts".

p.319 – under author’s background, "Association" should be "Society".

*In the Bibliography, the 1423 "Das Solothurner Fechtbuch" should be listed.


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