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Images from the early 16th century
Fechtbuch of
Paulus Hector Mair

Here is a complete set of more than 300 images from this major work of c. 1540 from the German school. Paulus Hector Mair's Fechtbuch has previosuly been overlooked by scholars and practitioners.  It is essentially a compilation of techniques from earlier works in the "Liechtenauer tradition". It also bears similarity to Joachim Meyer's later work of 1570, indicating Meyer was likely influenced by it. Mair covers every weapon of the German Fechtschulen with heavy emphasis on unarmored long-sword. He depicts a very wide range of techniques, including many not illustrated or explained elsewhere.  The manual's distinctive style of fighting gives considerable insight into swordplay of the period when compared with other sources. In each image note the range of the combatants, their wide foot distances, and their often high hilt positions. Again, as with other similar texts, there is no indictation of any edge-on-edge parrying or blocking, blade-on-blade defense is achieved by deflecting strikes and pressing ricassos. The footwork is wide and long and there is plenty of thrusting and false/short edge use.  We will present translated portions of this text as it becomes available.  Captions for the images below will be added soon.

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