ARMA Practice Partners List

Though most people now use social media to connect, this area was originally set up in the early 2000s to help official ARMA members and interested persons find others in their area.

Official Study Groups contain at least 3 active members training locally together.

United States



ARMA Houston, TX
Mike Drummond
ARMA Dallas
Josh Sanderlin
  ARMA Mexico City, Mexico
Cristian Miguez
ARMA Denton, TX

ARMA Austin, Texas
Stacy Clifford
  ARMA Monterrey, Mexico
Guillermo Morales
ARMA Birmingham, Alabama
Jeff Hansen
ARMA Mobile, AL
John Bentley
  ARMA South Korea
Ryan Woo
Iron Door Studio, Atlanta, GA
ARMA North Atlanta
Ryan Thomas
  ARMA Guam
Anthony Camacho
ARMA Murray, KY
Andy Spalding
ARMA North Carolina
Justin Moorman
  ARMA St. Petersburg, Russia
George Golovanov
ARMA Sacramento, CA
Anthony Pendleton
ARMA Orange County, CA
Joseph Marzola
ARMA Las Vegas, NV
Mike Sega
ARMA St. Louis, MO
Andrew Ulrich
ARMA Twin Cities, MN
Steve Pangerl
ARMA Hawaii, Oahu
David Pascoe
ARMA Oklahoma (Mannford)
Matt Bryant
ARMA New York City, NY
Corey Roberts
ARMA Eastern Nebraska
Chris Jarko
ARMA New Richmond, OH
Ronald Scribner

ARMA Indianapolis, IN
Mary Coleman
ARMA NW Missouri
Don Koehler

ARMA Shenandoah Valley, VA
Michael Baron



To find out if there are individual members not currently part of a Study Group in your area contact send a request to and we'll forward your email to them.

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Don't see someone in your area?  No problem.  There may be folk right near you with interest and it has to start somewhere. We are set to help.  So join up and get involved! You can also try asking on our Forum.


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