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To request membership consideration fill out and submit the following form. Upon approval we will send a link for payment. Annual fee is $40 for Associates, or $45 for Study Group participation. The discounted associate fee for Active Duty Military, First Responders, and University Students is $35.

ATTENTION APPLICANTS OUTSIDE NORTH AMERICA: Please inquire with us via email first before sending in any Membership applications.  Do not send unsolicited applications or cash payment without first contacting us.

Please use this form for membership requests only.
General questions and comments should be sent through our regular Contact Form.
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Approval is not automatic. Review and selection process for applications can take some 2-3 weeks or longer. If you do not hear from us by then, inquire by email.  Please understand, the volume of inquiries we receive prohibits us personally responding individually to every declined application. 

Note: Membership subscription privilege is at the Discretion of the ARMA Directors and may be revoked with refund without cause at any time. After one year of Associate status members may be subject to a review of their participation before having renewals approved. The Member or Applicant understands and accepts that the ARMA is an organization not only dedicated to understanding and reviving the forgotten martial sciences of Europe, but also an educational organization committed to teaching and informing the public about our subject. As such, members of the ARMA often give presentations before children and youth organizations. It is mandatory, therefore, that ARMA not accept as members any who have been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude or felony with a minor. Acknowledgment of this represents knowing affirmation of the policy by the Member or Applicant.

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