Insights from Historical Artwork

This is a unique and very interesting illustration.   On the right, note the large but single-edged blade and its extra long cross guard, possibly known as a Grosse Messer" or later a "Zwiehand sabel". It appears poised to thrust defensively in a verison of Finestra or the Window gaurd or possibly to cut around. Note also how the back edge is used resting against the raised right forearm. The fighter on the right is wields what appears to be a great sword or early two-handed sword, possibly with a rounded point.  The support of the back of the blade by the arm or second hand is typical of the use of the Messer and Dussack. Their stances are also wide and firm with the feet positions seeming to indicate some form of passing movement or stepping footwork. The left fighter is apparently a Swiss-German Mercenary.  From Hans Baldung Grien, "Fencing Landesknechte", c. 1516. 

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