Insights from Historical Artwork

A detailed illumination of the battle Potiers from a 14th French Chronicle.  In the foreground a dagger is drawing blood from the chest of a knight which presumably is protected by plate armor. Note the blood on the knight’s sword blade including on the pommel. The footman on the left wields an axe that seems a shortened halberd. Note the footman in the right background wielding spear and shield, and his nearly impossible grip on the but end of the shaft unless his shield hand also holds the middle (?). On the far right note the splendid example of a late medieval arming sword carried by the mounted knight. Two different axes and at least 5 types of pole arms are displayed in the picture. Note also the small oval shields used. On the far left front the fighter with the shield appears to not have a weapon, so the painting may not have been finished.

PotiersFC14th copy.JPG (134232 bytes)



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