Insights from Historical Artwork

A close up portion of a unique German mining panorama of the mid 1400’s from Das Mittelaterliche Hausbuch ("The Medical Housebook") by an anonymous artist. This Tolkienesque watercolor depiction is rather interesting. These scuffling individuals are clearly in civilian garb. They may be villagers, bandits, travelers or guards. Note the arm lock and leg trip by the dagger armed figure! Note the reaching for a rock by the left side figure. On the far right an upper class looks on seemingly un-perturbed. Note closely the raised long sword, this unique weapon clearly has one single edge with a "double clipped" false-edge. It also has a beaked pommel. It may be a rare "great back sword" or a form of Grossmesser ("great knife").The other sword carrying figure on the right seems to have a similarly hilted blade. The back spine is visible as is a single or double fuller. Note also the classic fighting postures of both swordsmen.

miningpanorama1400s.JPG (74720 bytes)



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