Insights from Historical Artwork

This Famous and quite excellent early Renaissance painting by Brueghel of the Biblical "Slaughter of the
Innocents " is remarkable for displaying at least five different sword forms. Several slender "spadone" style long-swords/great-swords are carried or poised to strike, while on the left a soldier running prepares to draw
what appears to be a tapering single-hand blade. The soldier carrying a prisoner and facing the dog is armed with a single-edged blade with knuckle-guard hilt. On the far right against the building, a fighter wears a katzbalger-style
"S" hilted blade on his belt. Various other ole-weapons, armors, and blades are also detectable. In close up, there is even a solider visible urinating on a wall.

Brueghel jpg.jpg (67833 bytes)



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