Historical European Martial Arts & Fencing Texts
Presented here is our active ongoing list of manuals and works of historical European Masters of Defence. Interpretation and reconstruction of Medieval and Renaissance fencing is still only in its infancy and bringing to public study the numerous manuals of the Masters of Defence is an important part of our efforts. The ARMA encourages and supports efforts at translating these invaluable texts. A large part of the ARMA's energy is directed at interpretation and integration of translated source material into practical hands-on curriculum. In gathering and compiling data on Renaissance martial arts literature we have relied on a great variety of sources among our membership and worldwide network of enthusiasts and researchers. All information should be considered tentative and open to revision pending further clarification and confirmation.
A bibliography of known surviving works on foot combat
from the late-13th to early-17th centuries
A bibliography of known surviving works on foot combat
from the mid-17th to the early 18th centuries
A bibliography of miscellaneous additional works including combat from horse back, medieval military arts, renaissance dueling, honor and war

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