Atlanta Retreat, May 2002

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Keith Ducklin of the Royal Armories gives lessons on longsword
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John C. teaches about the basic guards and tiprogressions for longsword
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Jeff Basham gives a class on Fiore's and Marozzo's dagger fighting
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Host Hank Reinhardt engages insome heated knife sparring
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Keith and Hank at play
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Hank tears into John C.
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Jeff Basham gets in some archery practice
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Hank tests his new Mongolian bow

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Practice and free-play
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Hank gives a lesson
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Working on techniques
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Stacy Clifford and Eric Naylor fighting it out
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Going at it with wasters
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Opportunity to try new moves
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Mike Cartier takes a try at the shield and sword
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Wounded meat... some test cutting damage
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Hank teaches axe throwing
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John C. goes over some rapier moves against a test target
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John shows some slides of manuals
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Some of the many antique weapons on hand to examine.
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Eric Naylor ...wishing they were his


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