Texas Renaissance Festival 2004 Demonstration

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On the opening weekend of the Texas Renaissance Festival October 2-3, 2004, members of the ARMA Study Groups from Houston, DFW and Texas A&M staged a series of training and free-play demonstrations lasting both days. Four half-hour demonstrations were given each day, consisting of tiprogressions, cutting exercises, cut and counter drills, and lots of free-play bouts with wasters and blunt steel. Bouts became increasingly intense and fiercely contested as the weekend wore on, which captured the crowd's attention and provided an incredible practice opportunity for all involved.

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Sydney Yarbrough fights single handed with cut and thrust and messer after breaking her finger!

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Senior Free-Scholar Stacy Clifford takes on Kyle Cook with steel sword and buckler vs. longsword.

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Kyle Cook and Michael Wrenn go at it with steel longswords.

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