Profile: Hank Reinhardt - HACA Mentor


The original idea of the HACA as an
alliance of individuals and study groups
focused solely on the function and use of historical weapons was first conceived by Mr. Hank Reinhardt,  founder and forme Prresident of Museum Replicas Limited. Hank Reinhardt has been studying and using swords for over forty-five years and is recognized as the leading authority on European weapons in the United States. He is now a consultant for C.A.S. Iberia sword makers.
Hank was director of the Museum Replicas Fight Demonstration Team and an early member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), founding chapters in the South. He has an extensive private collection of authentic antique swords and has traveled the world’s leading Arms museums and consulted with their curators. He has had the rare opportunity of handling many of their best pieces and examining the those kept "in the back rooms" out of the public eye.





In the past, Hank used his great knowledge, insight, and practical hands-on experience to supervise the production of many of the weapons once offered through the Museum Replica’s Limited catalog. Over the years he has written numerous articles and lectured extensively on Medieval and Renaissance arms and historical fighting. He is also an accomplished marksman and expert in knife fighting and is currently preparing a major book on the subject of swords --as well as a series of instructional videos. ARMA has been grateful to be able to take advantage of his expertise and uncommon learning as a senior advisor.
Mr. Reinhardt is long at work on a major new book about European swords and their use from.  This work will be the culmination of a lifetime of research and experience in the subject.

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