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ARMA International Gathering 2009
Coming Soon

ARMA International Gathering 2007

Atlanta Bladeshow 2006 Lecture/Demo

Guanajato, Mexico. Medieval Faire Presentation Series 2006

Houston, Texas, Lone Star Schwertlager 2005

ARMA Demo at the New Jersey Medieval Fair, 2005

njmedfair2005-6.jpg (46921 bytes)

ARMA Western Regional Gathering 2005 - Provo, Utah

provo2005-2.jpg (48119 bytes)

Wisconsin, 2005

wisc2005-6.jpg (96768 bytes)

Israel, 2005

israel2005-8.jpg (88699 bytes)

Ohio, 2005

New Orleans, 'Southern Knights' 2004

Provo, Utah, 2004

Stockholm, Sweden, September 2003

Melbourne Florida, NTP Workshop 1.0 Feb 2003

Baltimore, 2003

New York City, NTP Workshop 1.2 September 2002


Stockholm, Sweden, September 2002

Princeton, NJ, June 2002

Atlanta Retreat, May 2002

Furman University, Feb 2002

Provo, UT, Jan 2002

Ft. Worth Member's Workshop, Nov 2001

Euro Gathering 2001 - Krakow, Poland

West Point Military Academy, April 2001

Provo Utah Long-Sword Workshop 1.0, April 2001

March 2001 - San Francisco: Read about the Sword Forum International - Longsword Seminar

Calgary Rapier Seminar, February 2001

Baton Rouge Rapier Workshop, February 2001

Calgary Long-Sword Seminar, September 2000

Presentation & Mini-class at Consortium 2001 - Houston

See Euro Trip 2000 for picture of our Krakow and Munich seminars.

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