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Additional Worthwhile Titles of 18th & 19th Century Methods:
"An Abridgement of the New Broad Sword Exercise"
W. Pepper of the Nott's Yeomanry Cavalry. Printed for the Author, 1797. NOT REVIEWED
"Ancient Scottish Weapons"
J. Drummond and., J. Anderson London and Edinburgh, 1881.
Archery, Fencing, and Broadsword
STONEHENGE, pseud. [i.e. John Henry Walsh] and WOOD. John George. M.A.
London, 1863.  - NOT REVIEWED.
“Armour & Weapons”
Charles Ffoulkes. Oxford, 1909. Short, interesting and of historical significance. Almost entirely about armor.
“Arms and Armor from the Atelier of Ernst Schmidt, Munich”
Ed E. Andrew Mowbray. Mowbray Co., 1967. Limited Edition. Rhode Island. Catalog of black & white pics.
"The Art of Defence on Foot with the Broad Sword and Sabre uniting the Scotch and Austrian Methods into one regular system to which is added Remarks on the Spadroon"
C. Roworth, 1798, London, printed for T. Egerton at the Military Library near Whitehall. Good reference for the changing style of swordplay, based more and more on Italian small-sword and focusing on gentlemanly pursuits of dueling than on battlefield effectiveness.
"The Art of Defence on Foot with the Broad Sword and Sabre: adapted also to the Spadroon, or Cut-and-Thrust Sword"
John Taylor, London, T. Egerton, 1804. NOT REVIEWED.
"The Art of Dueling"
The Richmond Publishing Co. Ltd. 1971. Cloth. Fine/Very Good. First Thus. ISBN: 85546 158 6. Originally printed in 1836. 70pp. Author's name unknown. A practical guide to the art, etiquette and general institution of dueling "that will sufficiently educate the raw youth in the practice, to enable him to accept a challenge and take the field on equal terms with a skilled antagonist". Includes an appendix giving accounts of dueling and invitations to duel by the likes of the Duke of Wellington.
"Bibliografia E Historia De La Esgrima Espanola"
Baron De La Vega De Hoz Enrique De Leguina. Oak Knoll Press. BIBLIOGRAFIA E HISTORIA DE LA ESGRIMA ESPANOLA, APUNTES REUNIDOS POR. [BIBLIOGRAPHY AND HISTORY OF SPANISH DUELLING, NOTES COMPILED BY.]. Madrid: n.p., 1904 (but Mansfield Centre: Martino Publishing, n.d. but 2000). Reprint of the first edition which was limited to only 150 copies. Besterman 1723. "Historical notes" on Spanish duelling and duellists (pp.7-40) followed by a bibliography of Spanish and Portuguese books on duelling, from the late 15th century to contemporary works. 290 numbered entries, sometimes annotated, followed by a chronological index, index, and printer's colophon.
“A Brief Display Of The Origin And History Of Ordeals; Trials By Battle; Courts Of Chivalry Or Honour; And The Decision Of Private Quarrels By Single Combat: Also, a Chronological Register of the Principal Duels Fought from the Accession of His Late Majesty to the Present Time.”
James P. Gilchrist. London: Printed for the Author, by W. Bulmer and W. Nicol. 1821. xliv, 346pp. Recounts more famous duels covered in other sources.
"Broadsword and Singlestick"
C. Phillips Wooley, 1890. Another late 1800's book on rare historical European stick fighting sports and arts. NOT REVIEWED.
"Catalogue of works on fencing and duelling forming the private collection of Capt. C. G. R. Matthey"
Cyril G. R. Matthey, S. N. London. 1898.
"Cold Steel"
Alfred Hutton. 1889. Classic on sabre, bayonet, epee, and dagger.
"The Collection of Armour And Arms of the Baron De Cosson, F.S.A. Illustrated Catalogue"
Anonymous. Christie, Manson and Wood's. UK, 1892.
“A Complete System of Bayonet Exercise”
Richard Burton. (London:1853)
“A Critical Inquiry into Ancient Armour, as it existed in Europe, particularly in Great Britain, from the Norman Conquest to the Reign of King Charles II. Illustrated by a Series of Illuminated Engravings. With a Glossary of Military Terms of the Middle Ages”
Samuel Rush Meyrick. London, 1824.
Defensive Exercises; comprising wrestling, ... boxing; ... fencing and broad sword; ... the gun, the rifle, etc.
WALKER. Donald. London, 1840. 8o.
"A Discourse, In Which Is Considered The History, Character, Causes, And Consequences Of Duels, With The Means Of Prevention"
Henry Slicer, Washington City, 1838, short 16 page pamphlet. 
“Duelling in America”
Major Ben C. Truman. Edited By Steven Randolph Wood. Joseph Tabler Books, 1992. Reprint of 1884 Edition. Originally published as "Field of Honor" in 1884. First volume in series "Classical Library of the Obscure and Remote". Pistol dueling accounts.
"Exercise for the Broad Sword, Sabre, Cut & Thrust, and Stick"
H. C. Wayne. Washington. Gideon & Co. 1849. NOT REVIEWED.
“The Fencer's Guide”
A. Lonnergan. (London:1771)
"Fencing Familiarized; or, a New Treatise on the Art of the Scotch Broad Sword"
Thomas Mathewson, W. Cowdroy, 1805. NOT REVIEWED.
“Field Of Honor: Being A Complete And Comprehensive History Of Duelling In All Countries”
Major Ben C. Truman. Fords, Howard & Hulbert. 1883.
“Foil Practice; With a Review of the Art of Fencing”
George Chapman. (London:1861)
“Gentlemen, Swords And Pistols : the story of dueling in the 1800's when Southern gentlemen fought and died upon the field of honor.”
Harnett T. Kane. 1951. Bonanza: New York, n.d.(1961). Reprint.
“The History and Examination of Duels. Shewing their heinous nature and the necessity of suppressing them... With the edict of the King of France against duels; and an abridgment of that of the King of Poland."
John Cockburn. London, 1720.
"The History of Weapons of the American Revolution"
George C. Neumann. New York Bonanza Books 1967. Moderate foxing on top edge, light foxing on fore-edge and endpapers. Small dent in front cover Black & white drawings by George C. Woodbridge. After introductory chapters, virtually every other page is filled with black & white photographs of weapons.
“An Illustrated History of Arms & Armour from the Earliest Period”
Auguste Demmin, London: George Bell & Sons, 1877.
"Instructions for the Sword, Carbine, Pistol and Lance Exercise, Together with Standing Gun Drill for the Use of the Cavalry"
G.A. Wetherall, Adjutant General, Horse Guards, John W. Parker & Son, London, 1858. NOT REVIEWED
"Instructions for the Sword Exercise"
Henry Angelo, 1835 Selected from His Majesty's Rules and Regulations, and expressly adapted for The Yeomanry. Lond: William Clowes, 1835. NOT REVIEWED
"Lessons in Sabre, Singlestick, Sabre & Bayonet, and Sword Feats; or, How to use a cut-and-thrust sword"
J.M. Waite. London. Weldon & Co. 1880. NOT REVIEWED.
"Manual Of Physical Exercises Comprising Gymnastics, Calisthenics, Rowing, Sailing, Skating, Swimming, Fencing, Sparring, Cricket, Baseball, Together With Rules For Training And Sanitary Suggestions"
William Wood, Harper & Brothers, Publishers. New York. 1867, With 125 illustrations. NOT REVIEWED.
"The Militiaman’s Manuals and Sword-Play without a Master – Rapier and Broadsword Exercises copiously explained and illustrated"
Captain M. W. Berriman, New York, D. Van Nostrand, 1861. NOT REVIEWED.
"The Modern Fencer: With the Most Recent Means of Attack and Defence When Engaged with an Adversary"
Captain T. Griffiths, London: Frederick Warne, (n.d. 1880?).
“A New System of Sword Exercise for Infantry”
Richard Burton. (London:1876)
“New System of Sword Exercise, with a Manual of the Sword for Officers, Mounted and Dismounted; Forms to be Observed on Inspections, Reviews, Parades, Etc., Etc.”
Matthew J. O'Rourke, New York: J.Gray and Co. 1872.
“Notes on Duels and Duelling, Alphabetically Arranged, with a Preliminary Historical Essay”
Lorenzo Sabine. Crosby, Nichols, and Company. 1859, Boston. Not very useful accounts, mostly pistol duels or accounts without details of weapon or wounds.
"Observations on Swords"
Henry Wilkinson. London: Wilkinson & Son Soft Cover. Observations on Swords; addressed to Officers and Civilians but especially to those who prefer a good sword to a bad one. To which is added some useful information for Officers going to join their Regiments in India. By Henry Wilkinson & Son, Gun, Sword & Accoutrement Manufacturers, Army and Navy Contractors. Un-dated.

Old Sword Play
Alfred Hutton. 1892. Early look at reconstructing Renaissance swords & techniques.

"Principles of Squad Instruction for the Broadsword"
Antoine J. Corbesier. Philadelphia. J.B. Lippincott, 1869. NOT REVIEWED.
"The Romance of Duelling in All Times and Countries"
Andrew Steinmetz, Chapman and Hall, 193, Piccadilly, 1868. Covers swords and pistol encounters in detail.
"Rules and Regulations for the Sword Exercise of the Cavalry"
William Fawcett, London: Printed for the War Office; Whitehall, 1796. "By His Majesty's [George III] Command. Adjutant General's Office, 1st December, 1796. The Following Rules and Regulations for the Sword Exercise, are, by His Majesty's Command, to be observed and practiced by the Cavalry Corps in general, in His Majesty's Service. By Command of Field Marshal, His Royal Highness The Duke of York. William Fawcett, Adjutant General." First official edition; there are later editions & an American edition. General Sir William Fawcett (1726-1804) published several other items. Three identical "editions" were publ. during French Wars & were in effect until 1819. Author killed in cavalry charge at Salamanca. NOT REVIEWED
Rules and Regulations for the Sword Exercise of the Cavalry
Robert H. Craig, Baltimore, 1812. 215 pp., illus. First edition. NOT REVIEWED
Rules and Regulations for the Sword Exercise of the Cavalry
Robert Hewes, 1802.
Self-Defence. Being a guide to boxing, quarter-staff and bayonet practice, the walking-stick cudgel, fencing, etc. ... With fifty outline illustrations and diagrams.
WINN. Rowland George Allanson Allanson. 5th Baron Headley, and WALKER (Charles Edward) pp. viii. 206. Lawrence & Bullen: London, 1903. 8o.
"Sur Le Duel"
Par le comte de Chatauvillard; Paris, Chez Bohaire, Boulevard des Italiens, Imprimerie d'Édouard Proux et Comp. Rue Neuve-des-Bons-Enfans, N° 2, 1836. The first major text in French about the "Duel". It was made to codify and to establish the laws and rules of the duel, fought either with a pistol or a sword.
"The Sword Exercise. Arranged for Military Instruction. Fencing with the Small Sword: Arranged for Instruction in Squads or Classes. Exercise for the Broadsword, sabre, Cut and Thrust, and Stick"
Henry C. Wayne, Washington, 1849. NOT REVIEWED.
The Sword and the Centuries
Alfred Hutton. 1901. A classic on history of historical fencing.
The Swordsman
Alfred Hutton. 1898. Sabre and arm seizes.
“Traite Des Combats Singuliers”
Gerdil Hyacinth Sigismond Turin. L'Imprimerie Royale, 1761. Treatise about single combats.
"A Treatise On Duelling; Together with the Annals of Chivalry, The Ordeal Trial, and Judicial Combat, From the Earliest Times."
By Abraham Bosquett, Esq. London, 1818. Vol. XII. Pam. No. XXIII
“A Treatise on Swords and Swordsmanship, Ancient and Modern”
Captain Matthew J. O’Rourke. Sword Exercise Illustrated. 
Treatise upon the Useful Science of Defence
Captain John Godfrey, 1747.
“Warrior Weapons”
Walter Buehr. Thomas Y. Cromwell Co. 1963. Childress Book. An average, simplistic and somewhat dated book on the subject.
“Weapons – A Pictorial History. Edwin Tweed”
World Publishing, Co. 1954. A simple but lively introduction to the subject, somewhat dated.
“Works on horsemanship and swordsmanship”
Fredrick Henry Huth. Bath [Eng.] C. Seers, printer, 1890.

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