Insights from Historical Artwork

A great deal of interesting action is occurring this picture. As with many others, the techniques of fighting being employed bear resemblance (both strong and weak) to those in the period fighting manuals. On the left a pole arm hooks or strikes a fighter while another fighter holds him by the neck preparing to cut. Behind them a fighter holds an unusual shield and prepares a downward stab with a short stabbing sword or long knife. In the back a fighter wields a long axe in a double-hand center grip while next to him a fighter preparing to cut grips his opponent by the throat. To the right of them a fighter has closed in and seized his enemy in a similar manner. On the bottom, one fighter cuts the throat of a fallen adversary while another grapples with his to do the same. Most all the combatants wear half plate with open helms and their legs bare. From Battle of Chizé. Late 1300’s. French illuminated manuscripts, Bibliotheqe Nationale de France.












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