Insights from Historical Artwork

Several interesting things to observe in this close up: On the far left a fighter with sword and buckler steps into deliver a cut against a fallen opponent. His posture and form are exactly what would be expected. In front of him to the right a fellow fighter assumes a similar posture. Next to him on the right a fighter with buckler and raised falchion can be seen (and another with sword behind him). In the center, two fighters face off over a third who is falling to one knee and appears to be incapacitated. The front facing fighter holds out an oval shield with umbo and carries his weapon back. His opponent caries a curved heater shield held natural somewhat closer, his weapon is pulled back in preparing to strike. On the far right a fighter is about to strike a fallen enemy with a classic sword blow. All combatants are in full plate and most with open helms. From Battle of Otterburn. Late 1300’s. - French illuminated manuscripts, Bibliotheqe Nationale de France.



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