ARMA Reader's Choice Top Favorite Articles

Core Assumptions and the Exploration of Historical Fencing

A Short Introduction to Historical European Martial Arts

Renaissance Martial Arts Literature

Reclaiming the Art of the Blade

The Medieval European Knight vs. The Feudal Japanese Samurai?

A Brief Look at Stances & Guards of Medieval Longsword

On The Edge of Knowledge: Parrying With A Cutting Sword

There Is No Best Sword

The Importance of Studying the Fechtbuchs

The Myth of Cutting vs. Thrusting Swords

How to Teach an Understanding of Parrying
Part I, Part II, Part III

Consideration of Grappling & Wrestling in Renaissance Fencing

Questions and Answers About the Rapier

“Tactical” Swordsmanship - Scenario-Based Training for the Sword

The Sword & Buckler Tradition

"To Spar or Not to Spar?..."

Content & Character – Historical Fencing Information on the Web

History and Heritage

Top Myths of Renaissance Martial Arts


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