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Dear Scholars of the sword: The ARMA Forum is a free, online symposium and moderated message board open to members, colleagues, and guests for the purpose of open dialogue, intelligent discourse, and rigorous but respectful exchange of ideas on the subject of historical-fencing and fighting arts of European martial culture. This is a formal discussion and research board. Our focus is on training and practice, research and scholarship, sparring, swords, weaponry, arms and armor, and Medieval and Renaissance fighting skills. The Forum provides a safe haven both for eager novices and learned students that is free of casual chatter, role-playing concerns, theatrical theory, sport fencing interests, advertising, organizational rivalry, vendettas, 'cheerleading', and flaming or baiting. Feel free to post general interest as well as ARMA-specific messages. However, please be aware, unlike similar forums we exercise a ZERO TOLERANCE policy toward off topic messages, impolite behavior, and personal attacks. Violations will be deleted and posters blocked. The ARMA forum adheres with discipline to a specific subject of Medieval and Renaissance fencing studies.

The ARMA public forum is provided as a courtesy for general discussion of our subject. Please note it does not serve as the main vehicle for member discussions of curricula and materials. That role is filled by a private ARMA member's email list.

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