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Medieval Swordsmanship:
Illustrated Methods and Techniques

By John Clements
Paladin Press, ISBN # 1-58160-004-6, Nov ’98


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cover.GIF (13893 bytes)Finally, a work that presents
the most celebrated weapon
of the Middle Ages in all its
formidable effectiveness.

This major new book presents over 300 pages of information on the tools and martial skills of medieval warriors. It offers a comprehensive look at medieval blades as fighting weapons and distills the essential fighting elements from such masters as Liechtenauer, Talhoffer, Dei Liberi, Vadi, and others.

combatants2.gif (1880 bytes)Based on years of hands-on study and practice by HACA Director and scholar-practitioner John Clements, this sweeping work finally approaches Medieval swordsmanship as a legitimate martial art form and not as fantasy play or theatrical performance. This is a detailed examination and practical guide to one of the most fascinating areas of our Western martial heritage: the Medieval sword!

The most thorough attempt ever to examine Medieval swords from the point of view of their historical function and use.

Derived from rare historical manuscripts and material covering the highly effective techniques of sword and shield as well as Medieval long-swords and great-swords.

A one of a kind detailed compilation featuring over two hundred illustrated pages of weapons, techniques, and fighting principles.

cuttingarc.gif (1627 bytes)Both a general reference work and an instruction guide for beginning and advanced students of martial arts and military history. A thorough study of the martial art of Medieval swordsmanship and the historical fighting skills of knights, warriors, and men-at-arms which attempts to reconstruct and rebuild their lost fighting arts. Also the only exhaustive and comprehensive study of the formidable but overlooked Medieval shield.

Based on years on extensive training in the use of historical European weaponry it offers extensive instruction on practice and modern sparring. This seminal work sets a new standard in the approach to this fascinating subject.



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