Talhoffer's Fechtbuch:
1443, 1449, & 1459 Editions

In its continuing effort to bring to light the history and truth of Medieval fencing and promote accurate research into Western martial culture, ARMA presents select plates from a second and third version of the famous Fechtbuch of the German master Hans Talhoffer.  These earlier editions have much cruder artwork than the later ones and are far less elaborate. The 1443 edition resembles the Codex Wallerstein.  The armored stances of the 1449 edition show more similarity to Dei Liberi's manual of 1410 than do other Fechtbucher.  In the few images of the 1459 edition, the Plfug stance is shown as held farther back and to the side almost like a "close guard", while the high guard (Vom Dach ) is called "Vontag".  The 1459 also focuses much more on armored combat.  This version may be the one which illustrates the judical combat of Luetwold von Konigsegg and Talhoffer. We apologize for the current quality of the prints. More will be added in the future.  Also see the larger and more detailed 1467 Edition of Talhoffer here.


Note: all scanned images have been marked as originating at ARMA.

1443 Edition

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1459 Luetwold von Koniggsegg Edition
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