ARMA presents
Talhoffers Fechtbuch aus dem Jahre 1467
Translation 1999 by Mark Rector

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*Note: For a complete modern English version of Talhoffer see the translator's recent new book! from Greenhill here!

ARMA presents for portions of a rough Modern English text translation of Talhoffer's famous Fechtbuch of 1467. This is a side-by-side edition, with the original text on the left and the corresponding translation on the right.

NOTE: This translation is only as reliable as is so far known and ARMA makes no claim as to its accuracy.  

The book is divided into
eighteen sections:

I. Long Sword

II. Fight in the Lists with Spear and
Sword in Full Armor

III. Long Sword

IV. Pole-axe

V. Shield and Club

VI. Shield and Sword

VII. Shield

VIII. Throated and Hewing Shield

IX. Dagger

X. Wrestling

XI. Messer

XII. Sword and Buckler (little shield)

XIII. One against Two

XIV. Fight between a Man and Wife

XV. Swordfight on Horseback

XVI. Hand-to-Hand Fight
on Horseback

XVII. Fight on Horseback
with Lance and Sword

XVIII. Fight on Horseback
against the Crossbow


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