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Renaissance Short Sword:

Sword & Buckler, Sword & Dagger, and Cut & Thrust Sword.   A variety of examples of wood, steel, and padded training
A few examples of sword and sword & dagger play with various military blades of the Renaissance (i.e., cut-and-thrust sword, field-sword, schorte swerd, side-sword, spada di lato, espee, espada).

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rvs1b.JPG (31000 bytes)
Steel on Steel blunts
Untitled-2.JPG (33249 bytes)
Pressing agressively
rvs5b.JPG (20372 bytes)
Probing cautiously
Untitled-6.JPG (26104 bytes)
Siezing openings
Untitled-8.JPG (34250 bytes)
Sweeping...careful now
sdvsd.jpg (15655 bytes)
Using two Del Tin blunts & saftey equipment for good contact
svlng.jpg (16432 bytes)
Practice of correct form and action
svlow.jpg (14583 bytes)
Full body targets
svsctng.jpg (17715 bytes)
Quick, energized, committed technique, yet controlled contact
svsd.jpg (15500 bytes)
No points or scoring, just good practice
svswrd.jpg (17031 bytes)
Diverse styles of movement from several period master's works

SvSwrding.JPG (17677 bytes)

svswrd2.jpg (16363 bytes)
Thrusting allowed

szstrk.jpg (16713 bytes)
Nothing like steel on steel

svs1.jpg (30043 bytes)
The stop thrust

svs3.jpg (23492 bytes)
Closing to grypes

svrknee.jpg (19150 bytes)
Using the knee...

svr_cj1.jpg (12816 bytes)
Jeff Basham & Christian Darce heat it up
svr_cj2.jpg (29415 bytes)
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cghaca4.jpg (42688 bytes)
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class1t.JPG (4661 bytes)

Rapier vs. Cut & Thrust Sword: A few examples of the classic urban Renaissance fight of slender sword against the civilian rapier.

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tshaca4.jpg (40992 bytes)

tshaca5.jpg (32691 bytes)

tshaca6.jpg (37032 bytes)


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