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Authentic Antique Swords
A few examples of some real swords, including many ARMA has examined and handled.

See also Armor Research Society Conference, Swedish Royal Armories visit, European Sword Research Trip, '98 Atlanta Trip, and UK Sword Trip Report for more.

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renaissance6.jpg (60129 bytes)
ARMA members compare a real
14th century warsword to a modern replica.
vik1000.jpg (46431 bytes)
Dr. Ron Schack holds a real
10th century Viking sword!
13thcarm.jpg (32379 bytes)
actual 14th century arming sword!
alxndr.jpg (28472 bytes)
John Clements and martial arts instructor
Rick Tucci look at a 14th century warsword from the Alexandria Arsenal collection.
jbpa1.jpg (62439 bytes)
Actual antique bec de corbin poleaxe
Untitled-11112.JPG (149742 bytes)
Antique halberd.

Two-hander c. 1550

Basket hilt c. 1600

A small sample of pieces from the storeroom of the Glenbow Museum, Calgary.

PeterandArmors.JPG (40925 bytes)

Calgary armorer Peter Fuller, shows off a dozen armor harnesses.

CabinetOswords.JPG (41012 bytes)
A cabinet of swords... more than 70.
HalfClamshellGerman.JPG (30061 bytes)
John C. examines a lovely German mid-16th century half-clam shell sword, highly tapered with wide cutting blade at the starke.
greatswepthiltsword.JPG (29008 bytes)
A superb specimen of a rare 16th century swept-hilt great-sword, with bastard-grip.
superbswepthiltbastard.JPG (33685 bytes)
John C. gives this exceedingly well-balanced blade a wield.
baskethilts.JPG (36880 bytes)
John handles a tray of 16th century military blades, including several excellent schiavona.
perfectSchiavona.JPG (20334 bytes)
One of the best schiavona, wide, sharp, long, and very light.
sweetcagehiltsword.JPG (24628 bytes)
John C. drools over a splendid 16th century cage-hilted back sword.
fantasticBackSword.JPG (31478 bytes)
Tyring out the feel and handle of another excellent back-sword.
longearlyrapier.JPG (20471 bytes)
A truly awesome example of an exceedingly long, early rapier with a wide, flat, sharp blade, but very stiff and light.
somerapiers.JPG (42885 bytes)
One drawer of fine 16th

century rapiers.
KlingeVonClemens.JPG (41251 bytes)
A slender 16th century hexagonal blade inscribed..."Clemens"...
Perhaps produced by Klinge von Clemens, a famous Solingen maker.
EarlySwepthilt.JPG (19498 bytes)
An early swept hilt, thick long hexagonal blade tapering to a distal lozenge shape, superbly balanced for its length and with no cutting edge or mass at the center of percussion.
excellentCupHilt.JPG (20540 bytes)
A truly spectacular 17th century cup-hilt; a very plain piece but exceptionally light with a quite long, thick tapering blade.

Swords from a Private Collection.

three_swords-T.jpg (5626 bytes) sw-r1-t.jpg (5685 bytes) sw-r2-t.jpg (5792 bytes) sr-t -T.jpg (5624 bytes) GBS&Rep-T.jpg (5755 bytes) Grbs&rep2-T.jpg (5776 bytes)

Swords from a Private Auction House


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