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Cutting Experiments
Examples of the important exercise of test-cutting
with sharp blades
See also Intnl. Gathering 2003 & Test Cutting Gathering for more

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Untitled-102.JPG (74415 bytes)
Jan 2000. Excellent patch of wild bamboo in east-coast central Florida.
Untitled-101.JPG (61346 bytes)
Venetian infantry sword...shearing!...
Untitled-31.JPG (64741 bytes)
A challenging target...
Untitled-111.JPG (67613 bytes)
Practice makes perfect.
Untitled-112.JPG (57862 bytes)
The Zornhau.
Untitled-222.JPG (31428 bytes)
Nicely cut pieces of respectable diameter.
Untitled-1.JPG (50987 bytes)
More inspection aftermath.
Untitled-11.JPG (77184 bytes)
Venetian infantry sword...stuck in too thick of a stalk.
Untitled-121.JPG (32718 bytes)
Del Tin war sword after  snapping from hitting too hard on too thick of a target.
Untitled-12.JPG (39919 bytes)
The beast in question...6 inch diameter and 3 inch thick walls.

newcut1.JPG (108910 bytes)

newcut2.JPG (104102 bytes)

newcut3.JPG (212321 bytes)

cutnewt.JPG (5245 bytes)



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