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A range of assorted encounters over the years using ARMA padded contact-weapons


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Nov 2001    
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July 1999    

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June 1999    

wpeB.jpg (16580 bytes)
Warding with a
"Boar guard"

Setting aside
a thrust

wpeC.jpg (16612 bytes)
Readying with
the "Iron Door"

wpeD.jpg (19916 bytes)
Getting ready to
slam each other

wpe10.jpg (15733 bytes)
Thrust vs.
counter cut

P0002093.jpg (183850 bytes)

wpe12.jpg (26573 bytes)
Striking and greeting

wpe13.jpg (37724 bytes)
A passing attack

wpe14.jpg (32806 bytes)
Countering with a Hengenorte

wpe15.jpg (18499 bytes)

wpe16.jpg (27947 bytes)
A traverse
and deflect


conwea21.jpg (13272 bytes)
The hip blow voids a schnitt

wpe18.jpg (13878 bytes)
Warding off a poweful strike

wpe19.jpg (25208 bytes)
Horizontal counter cut
on the pass
wpe1A.jpg (11099 bytes)
Ringen Am Schwert

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