The Best of ARMA Research Articles

Volta, Key and Scale

How Were Swords Really Made?

The Centrality of the Longsword Within RMA

Martin Siber's Fechtlere of 1491

Sword Motions & Impacts

Wasters - the history of wooden swords

Wurm's Ringbuch Translation

What did Historical Swords Weigh?

The Weighty Issue of Two-Handed Greatswords

On Damaged Edge

A Brief Introduction to Armoured Longsword Combat

History of the Pell

The Sword & Buckler Tradition

Liechtenauer's Sword & Buckler Teachings

Analysis - A 15th Century Fencing Poem

Historical Fencing Study - The British Legacy

The Myth of Cutting vs. Thrusting Swords

What Makes an Effective Sword Cut

The Myth of Edge-on-Edge Parrying in Medieval Swordplay

Longsword and katana considered

Knight vs. Samurai?

Using the “F” Word – The Role of Fitness in Historical Fencing

Questions and Answers About the Rapier


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